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More Than Just a Custom Kitchen:

When selling a home, the kitchen has always been a major focus and the number one selling feature. If a kitchen has value, then having a "custom kitchen" must mean there's even more value, right? Who wouldn't want a custom kitchen? That depends.

What good is a custom kitchen if the design, selection, quality, installation and service of the kitchen are not good?

By definition, a "custom kitchen� is simply a kitchen that is built to fit a specific layout. Because too many custom providers lack in other areas, there needs to be clarification when thinking that all you need is a custom kitchen. At Carefree Kitchens & Lighting our kitchens are, of course, custom built and made specifically for you.

We offer the best customized kitchen from Canada's largest and most sophisticated manufacturing plant.

After 30 years of research, persistence, experience, processes and passion, we developed our industry-leading concept of Personalized Kitchens. We realized there was so much more to kitchens than the custom construction phase so we have dedicated our careers to ensure all aspects of the true customer centric kitchen experience, which include: service, design, selection, quality, budget, and installation.

We are so proud of our personalized kitchens that we want to share them with you.

We guarantee your individual personality and budget are properly optimized in your kitchen, while creating a positive experience through our process of Design, Operations and Final Stages.

Step 1- The Design Stage

Our Design Stage provides the richness of your personalized kitchen. If you've ever had an appliance in the wrong place or a cabinet size that is just a smidge too small, you'll appreciate that our designers make certain your layout incorporates space optimization, so you have no more paid-for compromises.

As part of the Design Stage, we turn your wants into reality by comprehensive selection of door styles, colours and accessories.

Step 2- The Operations Stage

The Operations Stage makes sure your installation does not look like things were pieced together. Instituting this process of care and consideration means crown moldings will have tight miters and counter top edges are properly finished. We guarantee you will receive quality whether it is the finish on the doors or the consistency of the colour.

Our elevated level of detail, customization and total package is simply not offered by any of our competitors.

Step 3- The Final Stage

The foremost feature of our Final Stage is to offer a 360-degree closed-loop resolution process, which means we will address issues before, during and after your kitchen installation. Prior to leaving your home, we make sure your personalized kitchen meets or exceeds our detailed quality control checklist.

Our Personalized Kitchen process ensures complete confidence with your kitchen experience.

As seen in Lethbridge Living:

Lethbridge Living


“Unbelievable! Never did I imagine so perfect a room as the personalized kitchen I ended up with! Contained within are aspects Clarke and I will enjoy for years to come.”

Clarke & Jamie Schroeder
Two time kitchen buyer

“We're so impressed. The comments we constantly receive on my beautiful new cabinets are amazing.”

John and Lori Ore
Personalized Kitchen buyers

Sun Best of the Best 2010

Canadian Home Builders Association

What is a Carefree Personalized Kitchen?

We have condensed what we believe our Personalized Kitchens represent:

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